Once upon a time

In 1936, the first initiative aroused to establish a local heritage association in Pellinge. The main purpose was to act as an important bond between summer guests and those Pellinge people who had had to settle down in the Helsinki metropolitan area because job opportunities were scare locally also in those days. A brainstorming meeting was arranged, initiated by seven active people, during autumn 1936 and the programme also included a singing performance and a lecture on the lighthouse functions on the coast.

The first official meeting was held on 31 January 1937 and Pellinge Hembygdsförening i Helsingfors rf was born. Heinrich Schlüking was elected the first chairman. Two years later the association started its active summertime programme by arranging an outing to Edisudden in Storpellinge. Motor boat competitions were also held, where 3.5 horsepower engines were challenging each other. The popular outings and competitions were a regular pastime during four decades until the 1970s.


The purpose of the association

The main purpose of the association is to act as an important bond between all those people interested in Pellinge. In the constantly changing society, it is important to maintain and develop the local heritage and culture. To administrate and look after the Tove Jansson’s cottage on Klovharun plays a significant part of the association’s activities. On the museum premises at Hörbergsgården, Pellinge Hembygdsförening displays valuable information and history on how people lived and worked in the archipelago in the old days. The museum comprises more than 600 listed items.

The association has published five comprehensive Pellinge books in Swedish. The first book came out in 1977 and book number five 30 years later in 2007. Each book covers specific themes and they record a unique palette of people and places, but also everyday life, professions, nature, dialect, steads and neighbourhoods etc.

A thriving and pulsing archipelago community is not to be taken for granted. One has to understand the past but think with a focus on future actions. It is also important for the association to follow these guidelines in its way of thinking and acting: to enable the local people to have families, work and live in the best archipelago community in the world: Pellinge.


Something for everbody

Pellinge Hembygdsförening has long traditions and committed members. We are happy to do things together and still have that ”let’s help each other” spirit. We are especially active during the summer months. Here are some examples:

  • a stand at the Pellinge summer market (flags, books, maps and postcards etc. for sale)
  • coordination and marketing of events together with other local associations and entrepreneurs
  • Midsummer day party at the museum Hörbergsgården
  • children’s party at the museum in July
  • coffee parties, exhibitions etc. at the museum
  • maintenance and administration of Klovharun
  • open house week and guided tours on Klovharun
  • regular maintenance work at the museum and Klovharun
  • member magazine Pellinge Nytt in Swedish