Rental weeks

Pellinge Hembygdsförening rents the cottage primarily as an artist residence for max 2 adults
at a time. The season in 2024 starts on the 24 June and ends on the 2 September. The
exception is week 30 which is the annual open house week on the island. The cottage is
closed outside the summer period. The residence is one week long and starts and ends on
Monday at 16:30.

Applications (max. 2 A4 pages) for the next summer period can be sent to
pellingeklovharun(at) each year in January-February. The application should
include well justified arguments plus preferred weeks using week numbers. Languages to be
are Swedish, Finnish or English and your CV, links, references and any other useful material

is welcome. We only accept personal applications, i.e., you cannot apply for somebody else,
neither as a present. The cottage is not let for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Each applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail within 7 days of sending the application. In
case you have been granted a week one year you do not qualify three consecutive years
thereafter. A reply with the association’s decisions will be sent to everybody within the month
of April.

The rent is 800€/week. In addition to the other travel costs the tenant is also responsible for
the sea transport to and from Klovharun. The association provides contact details of local
boat drivers. Pets are not allowed on the island.

The cottage is let for private use only. In case the tenant wishes to use material (e.g., text,
pictures, video- and/or audio recordings, paintings, illustrations etc.) from/of Klovharun
professionally or commercially, Pellinge Hembygdsförening must be informed well in advance
and a media fee will be applied. It is not allowed to use drones on the island. For further
information, please contact the intendant on pellingeklovharun(at)




Rental weeks, inquiries, media visits etc
Lisbeth Forss, intendant

Guided tours
Lisbeth Forss