Enquiries and bookings: klovharuntours(at)gmail.com

During the open house week, the association arranges guided tours to Klovharun. The sale of
the tours starts on this website during the last week of May. N.B.! We do not accept e-mail
bookings and reservations until the tour timetable has been published in the calendar

The booking situation is updated daily during the time we are accepting reservations. Before
making an e-mail reservation, please check the availability in the calendar below. You can
also sign up on the waiting list if the desired trip is fully booked. Please bear in mind that we
do not offer telephone service. The guided tours are extremely popular and they sell out fast.

The price is 85€/adult and 65€/child under 12 years. The duration of the trip is close to 2
hours. The programme includes the boat trip from Sturjan in Stor-Pellinge to Klovharun and
back, guiding on the island and some free time for everyone to walk around and enjoy the
atmosphere. Life vests are provided by the organizer. Guiding in Swedish, Finnish or English.

Tour timetable
Saturday − Friday 22.-28.7.2023 daily departures by boat from Sturjan at 11.30, 13.30 ja
15.30. The trip last almost 2 hours. A total of 21 tours will be arranged during the week
(weather permitting).

Booking procedure:

Send your booking/ enquiry to klovharuntours(at)gmail.com. Mention the following: name and
telephone number of contact person, names of participants, ages of children under 12 years,
the desired guiding language. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the organizer
together with payment instructions.

The tour starts and ends at Sturjan, Söderbyvägen, 07390 Storpellinge

Driving instructions: Road No. 1552 from Borgå to Tirmo, wherefrom ferry to Pellinge. The
ferry runs 4 times/hour (timetables www.finferries.fi). The driving distance from the ferry to
Sturjan is about 15 minutes. Free parking available.

If the sea is rough, disembarkation on the island cannot be guaranteed. In this case the boat
will circle around the island. This does not entitle participants for compensation of the
payment to any degree. At stormy weather the trip will be cancelled, and the payment will be
returned in full.

The island is not suitable for people with restricted mobility and all visitors must be able to
move around on their own. Please mention minor restricted mobility when enrolling.

Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed on the island.

Tour timetable

Monday − Sunday 22.-28.7.2024 daily departures by boat from Sturjan at 11.30, 13.30 ja
15.30. The trip lasts almost 2 hours. A total of 21 tours will be arranged during the week
(weather permitting).



The tour starts and ends at Styrjon, Söderbyvägen, 07390 Storpellinge



Equipment: Wear steady shoes and take along drinking water, sunglasses, a hat, wind-, rainproof and warm clothing (all tours are driven with a boat without a cabin).

Under the heading “Open house week” on this website you will find hints what else to experience during your visit to Pellinge. Have a look at visitpellinge.fi as well for additional information on places of interest.


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