About Pellinge Hembygdsförening

Historical information about Pellinge Hembygdsförening
(the local heritage association)

The first written information found about the Pellinge archipelago dates back to 1441 when Karl, later King of Sweden, wrote a letter to his knight in Vyborg from Pellinge. The main islands of Pellinge were presumably inhabited between 1000 and 1250. The first existing taxation books are from around 1540 and at that time there were as many as 13 houses registered in three villages.
Old photos.

Pellinge Hembygdsförening rf was founded in 1936 by a group of active people from Pellinge. The task and aim of the association is to take care of the collection of historical material from the late 19th and early 20th century in order to exhibit how people in the archipelago lived in those days. At the same as we preserve the Pellinge culture and heritage we also work for an active and vital Pellinge of tomorrow.


The Museum

The Museum Hörbergsgården is a house transferred to its current site from the Söderby village. Other buildings belonging to the museum are two houses where boats are kept, a stable, a smithy, a barn and a sheep house.

In 2019, the museum is open on Sunday from 12 noon until 3 p.m. from 16 June until 18 August. An exhibition, with photographs showing life and places in Pellinge in the past decades, is open to the public.

Free admission during opening hours. Guided tours at other times 50 €/group, inquiries pellingemuseum(at)gmail.com.

In the small museum shop you can buy books, local maps and nautical charts in addition to locally produced handicraft as well as postcards with Pellinge maritime and nature motifs. Cash payment only.


The association arranges an annual party on Midsummer Day with traditional programme such as folk dance, sing song and accordion music. A buffet with pancakes, coffee etc. is open throughout the event.

On the second Wednesday in July, a childrens’ party is arranged annually with various programme for the kids. A buffet caters for hungry participants.

Summer market

We also have a stand at the popular Pellinge summer market. There you can buy our publications (e.g. a series of five historical Pellinge books and the current number of the magazine “Pellinge Nytt”, both published in Swedish) and other interesting items related to Pellinge. We also sell vintage postcards as well as modern, folded postcards with nature motifs from Pellinge and views from Klovharun (please see Klovharun below). Mail order also possible through the secretary.

Maps and charts

The oldest map of Pellinge found so far was drawn in 1650 - 1651. PHF has been granted the right to distribute copies of the original, which is kept in the National Archive in Helsinki. We have also made a special copy of nautical charts connected to the Pellinge archipelago. We have added useful information on the chart such as stones, shallows, names of islands and other important details. Maps and charts are for sale at the museum and at the summer market.



The author of the Moomin books, Tove Jansson, had her summer cottage in Pellinge since her childhood days dating back to the 1920s. In 1991, she decided to donate the Klovharun cottage to Pellinge Hembygdsförening to enable the preservation of this unique and delicate place also for future generations. The association keeps the house intact with a gentle hand following Tove's wishes and principles.

Klovharun is a private property where landing is prohibited and the law of everyman's right is applied. Landing is only allowed during the open house week, which in 2019 starts on Saturday 13 July at 12 noon and ends on Friday 19 July at 6 p.m. N.B.! The daily visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

During this week, you can privately visit the island with your own boat. Staying overnight is not possible. During other times the cottage is in private use and closed to visitors. Special permissions can only be granted by Pellinge Hembygdsförening well in advance. There is no entry fee during the open house week but you can make a voluntary donation during your visit. The funds will be used for the maintenance of Klovharun.

Guided tours will be arranged to Klovharun during the open house week. Additional information on these trips will be published on this website latest at the beginning of the summer each year. Advance bookings are not possible before the tour timetable has been published. Vacancies on each trip are shown in the calendar. Please check the waiting list situation at the beginning of July. All guided tours are arranged weather permitting.

The terrain is challenging and not suitable for people with restricted mobility. People visit the island (cliffs, bridge and cottage) at their own risk. N.B.! Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed on the island.

Commercial trips to the island are only allowed on special permission granted by Pellinge Hembygdsförening. All media representative visits are subject to a fee and should have a special permission granted by the association. All inquiries should be sent well in advance to pellingeklovharun[at]gmail.com. All material used or published of/from Klovharun should have Pellinge Hembygdsförening's permission.

Any imagines clicked, footage taken and illustrations or motives created at/of Klovharun may only be used for personal and non-commercial use. The use of such material for business or professional purposes including, but not limited to, publicity materials, websites, books, newspapers, magazines and exhibitions etc. must be approved by Pellinge Hembygdsförening and is subject to a media fee. It is not allowed to operate drones on the island.


Nina Sarnow, intendant, +358 50 5988 327
Rental weeks, inquiries, media visits etc: pellingeklovharun(at)gmail.com

Lisbeth Forss, +358 40 189 5812
Guided tours: klovharuntours(at)gmail.com

In the summer months, private people can rent the cottage primarily as an artist's residence on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday for a maximum of two adults at a time. Applications, including arguments and preferred weeks, for the next summer season can be sent in Finnish, Swedish or English to pellingeklovharun[at]gmail.com in January and February the same year. The applications will be reviewed thereafter and the applicants will be informed in April. In 2020, the rent is 660 €/week.